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Tips for Lighting Outdoor Water Features

Water features provide an appealing visual element to your backyard, so it makes sense that lighting an existing water feature will drastically improve your outdoor ambiance at night. Here are some tips for properly lighting your outdoor water features:

  • Angles: Select the right angle. It’s important to avoid creating a glare on the water, so pay attention to the view from popular seating areas in your yard.
  • Placement: Make sure the hardware is hidden, but easy to access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lighting types: Consider all the options. Downlighting can create a beautiful diffused glow on the surface of the water, uplighting is great for showing off waterfall features, and spotlights add a touch of drama. Submersible lights are also an option–turning water fountains into stunning displays at night.
  • Quality over quantity: Avoid using too many lights, which can be blinding to your guests. Well-placed lighting takes a “less is more” approach while making your water features look their best.

Coastal Virginia Lighting’s experienced landscape lighting team will help you confidently and efficiently navigate these decisions for lighting your outdoor water features. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free quote on a new lighting design for your home.