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Color-Changing Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Color-Changing Permanent Outdoor Lighting Installation

At Coastal Virginia Lighting, we specialize in PermaLites® 365 – the ultimate solution for permanent outdoor lighting.

PermaLites® 365 is the popular color-changing roof lighting you see on homes and businesses throughout Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. See what makes PermaLites® 365 permanent LED lights stand out from the crowd:

Virtually Invisible

PermaLites® 365 is nearly invisible when not in use. The lights are installed in specially mounted casings that allow the lighting strip to blend in seamlessly with houses and commercial properties. When people walk by your home or business during the day, they’ll have no idea that the permanent roof lights are even there. But at night, they will be wowed!

Architectural Lighting Year-Round

PermaLites® 365 illuminates architecture with a charm that transcends seasons. The lights enhance the beauty of buildings and structures all year long and they’re useful for other holidays as well. PermaLites® 365 can transform a building into a landmark, adding character and a welcoming ambiance for visitors and passersby. Customers enjoy added recognition, beauty, and safety all in one solution.

Fun Color and Pattern Combinations

PermaLites® 365 offers a wide range of colors to choose from so that you can customize your permanent LED lighting for every holiday and event throughout the year. The lights also can blink in a variety of patterns, including wave, ping pong, fade, and more. Combining different colors and patterns will make your home or business the bright spot in the community.

Easy-to-Use App

PermaLites® 365 is the only color-changing outdoor lighting solution that allows users to control the entire package with a single mobile app. Setting up your lighting can be done with the press of a button with the easy-to-use app. The app allows you to control when the lights turn on and off, set the colors and patterns, and more—all from your phone! Pre-set options are available for various holidays and events, or you can create your own lighting masterpiece. As long as you have an internet connection, you can control your permanent lights from anywhere!

Best Color Accuracy

Permalites® 365 has access to millions of colors that display every shade of color you can imagine. The possibilities are endless when you use the mobile app to create every color combination you want.

Security Lighting

Keep your family and patrons safe by having bright, color-changing lights around your home or business that deter unwanted visitors.

Energy Efficient

In addition to being a showstopper, PermaLites® 365 is also very energy efficient. PermaLites® 365 uses low-voltage LED lights which only use 12 percent of the energy required by standard string lights. In fact, you can power 200 feet of PermaLites® 365 with only 60 watts of electricity. PermaLites® 365 lights last for more than 50,000 hours and require very little maintenance. This long lifespan means a reduced carbon footprint for homes and businesses.

Unmatched Durability

PermaLites® 365 is engineered to withstand the elements. Our premium outdoor lighting fixtures are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance against rain, wind, and UV rays.

We Offer More Than Roof Lighting

Coastal Virginia Lighting offers more than roof lighting. We also install perimeter lighting, tree lighting, uplighting, and downlighting. Similar to PermaLites 365, our uplighting and downlighting solutions have color options that can be easily changed – all through the same app!

Low Maintenance

Our outdoor lighting solutions require minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your illuminated outdoor space without the hassle.

Learn More About Permanent Outdoor Lighting

To learn more about permanent outdoor lighting and the installation process, contact Coastal Virginia Lighting at (757) 286-4689 or via the contact form below. We’re happy to provide a free estimate to our neighbors in the Virginia Beach area.