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Permanent Outdoor Lighting…There’s an App for That

Permanent outdoor lighting is a terrific addition for homes and businesses that want to stand out from the crowd. Coastal Virginia Lighting is proud to offer PermaLites® 365, the ultimate solution for exterior lighting, to both our residential and commercial customers. PermaLites® 365 provides year-round, color-changing lighting, and best of all, it’s controlled by an app!

PermaLites® 365 utilizes an easy-to-use app that allows users to customize their outdoor lighting—including uplighting and downlighting—to meet their preferences. Want a red and green display for Christmas? No problem. Looking for an understated, soft tone to welcome visitors? You got it! The app offers various color presets, as well as the option to choose a specific color from millions of hues. You can set your lights to turn on and off at certain times to meet your schedule.

What else makes PermaLites® 365 so special?

They’re nearly invisible.
One of the main concerns homeowners and business owners have with installing year-round lighting is if it will be visible in the daylight. While some types of permanent lighting are visible during the day, PermaLites® 365 utilizes specially mounted casings that allow the lighting strip to blend in seamlessly with houses and commercial properties. Only when night falls will your neighbors and customers see the lighting.

They require minimal maintenance.
No regular upkeep is necessary to keep PermaLites® 365 in good working order. Plus, since PermaLites® 365 is meant to stay up all year long, you’ll save time by not having to put up and take down lights for each special occasion or holiday.

They’re energy efficient.
Made with low-voltage LED lights, PermaLites® 365 uses only 60 watts of electricity per 200 feet of light—12 percent of the energy that is required by standard string lights. With lower energy costs, the lights will have paid for themselves in just two years.

They’ll stand up to the elements.
Crafted from high-quality materials, PermaLites® 365 is extremely durable. PermaLites® 365 can withstand wind, rain, hail, or anything else Mother Nature has in store, so that your lighting will last for years.

To learn more about installing PermaLites® 365 for your home or business or for a free estimate, contact Coastal Virginia Lighting online or call us at (757) 286-4689.