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Commercial Outdoor Lighting: A Billboard for Your Business

When business owners think about outdoor lighting, they typically consider how their building will look as customers approach it. But have you ever taken a step back and considered the bigger picture? Lighting your commercial building with consideration for how it will look from afar can attract new customers to your store, improve your brand recognition, and ultimately increase your profits.

Make Your Business Noticeable from a Distance
Commercial outdoor lighting makes your business stand out in a big way. Whether a patron is walking down the street or (depending on your location) driving down the highway, they will have a clear view of where your store or office is located. Even if your business is not open at night, potential customers will take notice when you flood your store with commercial outdoor lighting.

Shine a Light on Your Logo
Using commercial outdoor lighting to spotlight your company’s logo is a great way to build brand recognition among local customers. Businesses can choose to light a logo on their building, a sign outside of the building, or both! The more passersby who can see your company’s name, the more likely they are to visit your business.

Drive Sales
At the end of the day, the more people know about your company, the more will come to shop or patronize the business. Commercial outdoor lighting can play a key role in driving more traffic to your store and increasing your sales. Decorative outdoor lighting (imagine colored lights around the holidays or fun, hip light displays) also make customers feel good. And as you know, when customers are in a good mood, they are more likely to spend their money in your store.

Coastal Virginia Lighting has worked with large and small businesses throughout the Hampton Roads area to add custom outdoor lighting to their buildings. The full service commercial outdoor lighting offered by Coastal Virginia Lighting includes everything from site surveys and design consultations to installation and repair. To learn more about the lighting possibilities for your business, contact us at (757) 286-4689 or online.