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Building a New Home? Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

Building a new home is an exciting endeavor. You finally can create a home that meets your needs and has an aesthetic that you love. There are so many small details that need to be considered during the process: paint color, the width of floor planks, outlet placement, and more. One sometimes overlooked detail that you should always include when building a new home is outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is more than just lights that are mounted to your home, it also includes pathway lighting, landscape lighting, and patio lighting. Incorporating outdoor lighting during the building process is beneficial for many reasons:

  1. It becomes a part of your home design. A home is not complete without lighting to complement it. Working in conjunction with your building, an outdoor lighting company like Coastal Virginia Lighting can determine the most functional and aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate outdoor lighting on your property. Adding outdoor lighting to your initial build ensures that your home is warm and inviting from the moment you move into it.
  2. Lighting can be included in your smart devices from the beginning. Just like almost everything else in the home these days, outdoor lighting can be controlled from smart home devices. This allows you to set on and off times, change colors, or adjust the brightness of the lights. When you add lighting in your initial build, you can make sure this functionality is part of your larger smart home system.
  3. The cost of lighting can be included in your mortgage. One of the best things about adding lighting to your new construction is that the cost can be added to your mortgage. This allows you to pay for the lighting over the entire mortgage term rather than paying for the project all at once should you install lighting later.

Building a new home is an exciting process and outdoor lighting can be the finishing touch that makes your home shine. Coastal Virginia Lighting works with contractors throughout the Virginia Beach area to install outdoor lighting in new construction projects. To learn more about options in outdoor lighting, contact us at (757) 286-4689 or get in touch online.