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Color-Changing Uplighting Makes Homes Shine

Want to totally transform the look of your home without having to do any construction? Add uplighting to your landscape! Uplighting refers to outdoor lights installed in the ground that shine upward. These lights can showcase your home’s exterior, your landscaping, or any other feature that you want to highlight. Best yet, when you work with Coastal Virginia Lighting, you can choose to install RGB landscape lighting, which allows you to customize the lighting to any color your heart desires.

How do color-changing uplights work?
Color-changing uplights are increasing in popularity as homeowners want to express their style in their lighting. Not only can uplights be programmed to a specific warmth of white light (ex. dim yellow, neutral white, or bright, bluish), but they can also take on the shade of any color of the rainbow. You can celebrate holidays and special occasions by changing the color of the lights through an easy-to-use app.

What are the benefits of uplighting?
The main reason why homeowners install landscape uplighting is to improve the curb appeal of their property. When night falls, uplighting beautifully illuminates your house and property, making it the star of the neighborhood. Uplighting also helps to enhance security and increase safety. What’s more, homes with landscape lighting such as uplights have a higher property value than those that don’t.

Where is the best place to install uplighting?
Uplighting should be installed around key features of your property that you want to highlight. Many people choose to place uplights evenly across the front of their house, as well as in front of distinct architectural features, like columns or intricately patterned brick walls. Tall trees and hedges are also common areas to install uplighting. In the backyard, uplighting can be used to shine a spotlight on water features, gazebos, and garden walls.

Why should I hire a professional to install uplighting?
While you can purchase uplighting online or off-the-shelf, having a professional install your uplighting is well worth the cost. Professional installers know where and how to place the light to achieve the maximum effect while blending in with the existing landscape. They also have access to high quality products and are only a phone call away should any issues arise.

Adding color-changing uplighting to your home is an improvement that will have you asking, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!” To learn more about color-changing uplighting or other types of landscape lighting, contact Coastal Virginia Lighting today!