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Celebrate with Color-Changing Outdoor Lights

Color-changing lights are one of the latest trends in outdoor lighting and they are showing no sign of going away anytime soon. These outdoor lights are equipped with technology that allows them to change colors with the simple touch of a button. Perfect for both homes and businesses, color changing lights are a great way to celebrate all of life’s happy occasions.

What better way to express your holiday spirit than to light your home or business with the colors of the season? From Christmas to Halloween to the Fourth of July and every holiday in between, you can light up your property with the corresponding seasonal colors. Everyone passing by will see your holiday cheer!

School Spirit
It’s easy to show off your school spirit when you have outdoor color-changing lights. Whether you want to cheer on your school in a local competition or celebrate a graduation, color-changing lights let your neighbors know you are proud of your school. Displaying color-changing lights to match your neighborhood school’s colors is also a great way for businesses to show their support of the local community.

Social Causes
There are many social causes that are associated with colors, for example, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or rainbow colors for Pride Month. You can also set your outdoor lights to match the colors of a charity in which you are involved. This is a great way to start up conversations with neighbors and passersby and spread the word about the cause or charity.

Sports Teams
Did your team make it to the playoffs? Or are you a diehard fan who shows your colors all season long? Outdoor lights can be changed to match your team and are a perfect way to show your spirit when game day comes around. And if you are a house divided, it’s easy to switch lights from one team’s colors to another’s.

Coastal Virginia Lighting can help you show your spirit year-round with color-changing outdoor lights. To learn more about our outdoor lighting options, call us at (757) 286-4689 or contact us online.