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Four Benefits of Adding Landscape Lighting to Your Business

When darkness falls, does your business stand out from the rest? One way to make sure it does is with landscape lighting that illuminates the architecture of your building as well as the land around your business. Landscape lighting includes path lights, uplights, downlights, wall washing lights, step lights, and pole lights, among other options that can be used to illuminate the land around your business. Landscape lighting for businesses serves both functional and aesthetic purposes:

Enhances Curb Appeal
Simply put, landscaping lighting makes your business look good! When you use lighting to highlight parts of your landscape or architectural features of your business, customers can appreciate them at night as well as during the day.

Improves Safety and Security
More light equals greater safety for your customers and for your business. With sufficient outdoor lighting, customers can safely enter and exit your business without slipping or falling. They also feel more confident entering a business that is well-lit. Additionally, landscape lighting can deter criminals from breaking into or vandalizing your business.

Attracts More Customers
People passing by your business are more likely to take notice of it when you install landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can also be used to spotlight your company logo and address, making your business easier for customers to find. By creating a welcoming environment you can attract more customers to your store which can ultimately help you increase your profits.

Increases Property Value
Just as landscape lighting can increase a home’s value, it can also increase the property value of a business. Considering all of the benefits listed above, landscape lighting will make your property attractive to buyers or lessees in the future.

Landscape lighting can come in all shapes and sizes (and colors for that matter). At Coastal Virginia Lighting we love coming up with lighting plans for businesses to help them grow and succeed. We partner with property managers, developers, landscape architects, building maintenance professionals, retail centers, and more to install beautiful landscape lighting.

To learn more about landscape lighting options for your business, give us a call today at 757-432-2111 or contact us online.