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Business Owners: Increase Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting

As a business owner you have your hands in everything, from payroll to customer service to marketing. In addition to these responsibilities, it’s important for business owners to ensure the safety and security of their building, goods, and customers. One easy way to address these concerns is by installing outdoor lighting for your business.

Outdoor Lighting Prevents Accidents
No business owner wants to deal with an accident, especially one that could easily have been avoided with outdoor lighting. Illuminating the walkways and landscaping around your business makes it safer for customers and employees as they enter and exit your building. People are less likely to trip or fall on uneven surfaces and can easily see objects that might be in their way.

Outdoor Lighting Deters Criminals
A well-lit place of business also goes a long way in increasing security. Criminals are less likely to approach customers, vandalize your business, and steal products when a light is shining on their activity. Not only does this protect your business’ assets, but it also makes customers feel more secure as they enter your building at night.

Options for Outdoor Lighting
It’s clear that outdoor lighting is a good investment to improve the safety and security of your business, but where do you go from here? Multiple types of outdoor lighting can be used to achieve your safety and security goals:

  • Flood lights: Shine light on a large area. Flood lights are good options for areas around your business that are in the shadows come nighttime.
  • Spotlights: Used to illuminate a specific area of the building or landscape. Spotlights can make your business name and address easier to see, which is especially helpful in case of emergency situations.
  • Pathway lighting: Provides light to guide people along a walkway. This type of lighting is directed downward so customers and employees can see where they are walking without being blinded by the light.
  • Step lights: Placed on the risers or sides of stairs. Step lights prevent patrons from tripping as they enter or exit your business.
  • Bistro Lighting: Adds both safety and ambiance when installed over an outdoor deck or patio.

Coastal Virginia Lighting has the expertise to install the right outdoor lighting to make your place of business more safe and secure. To learn more about lighting options, call us at (757) 286-4689 or contact us online to arrange for a customized estimate.